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What is a denturist?

Is a denturist right for you?

Denturists are independent professionals.

They are licensed and trained to provide removable services directly to the public. In simpler terms a Denturists are your denture specialists! 

What this means is that you can go directly to a denturist without referral from another healthcare provider

The benefit of going to a denturist is not only do we see you for the clinical appointments to determine what the denture will look like, but we also fabricate the denture ourselves. This allows us to be part of the process from start to finish.

At Dentures & Implant Solutions Riverview, we have a clinical room as well as an in-house lab that allows us to work closely with the patient resulting in less adjustments and a quicker turnaround. In this way, denturists provide the most cost- and time-effective service.

You may be interested in getting your Dentures in 4 Days*

What this means is that instead of waiting weeks to get your dentures we will see you for 4-5 appointments condensed in 4 days. In these appointments we will fit, measure and assess all the requirements needed to make the denture and finally deliver the denture to you. 

How can you do this in such a short amount of time? We don’t believe in taking shortcuts or sacrificing on quality. We are able to make your dentures quickly because of our on-site lab and our years of experience in making dentures. The only caveat is your availability. You must be able to show up for your appointments in those 4 days for the denture to be completed. Time is important to everyone and the sooner you can get your dentures done the quicker you can begin to get your quality of life back. Dentures not only aid you in eating properly again, they also support your lips and cheeks, bringing back a more youthful look. We hope we can get you smiling and living a healthier life.    

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